Note: Please see the Microphone Identifier page to be sure you choose the right bracket for your microphone.
Field proven for over a year, these anodized aluminum camera mounts are now in production and offered to California Deputies and Officers. Choose the correct mount for your specific microphone. These individually engineered mounting plates secure your camera to your portable microphone.  Using commercial double-side adhesive, it secures the outer cage mount of your Mini DV camera adjacent to your microphone.  Since it is not easily removeable the bracket is best used with a Portable Radio that is issued to you.  These brackets are for microphones worn at center chest. Mounting the bracket does not alter the microphone in any way, and it is removable only if and when you want it to be removed.  

Mounted next to your microphone, The Mini DV camera is properly positioned at the ideal height to afford the best field of view.   To accommodate different uniform and vest combinations, the mount is designed with a bend-point to allow simple vertical and lateral adjustment of the field of view.  To accommodate better access to the camera power switch, some brackets are reversible side-to-side.  

Mounted side-by-side with the microphone the camera is less noticeable. Its presence and use are much less obvious to the public.  The record activation button is presented in a manner consistent with a familiar area of reach, your microphone.  

BS-25 Motorola Radio Bracket:  This fits the Motorola NMN6193C with rectangular microphone.  (Microphone "A").  These are in stock now and available at our storefront shipping from California.

BS-35 Motorola Radio Bracket:  This fits the Motorola NMN6193C with the newer tapered microphone.  (Microphone "B").  These are in stock now, shipping USPS First Class from Los Angeles.

BS-30 GE Radio Bracket:  This fits the GE MRK II microphones.  (Microphone "C").  These are in stock now and available at our storefront shipping from California.

BS-80 Mini Video Camera:  This Mini Video camera is the industry standard in this segment. Die cast strong alloy housing, flat black finish, no decals, with slide switches. This is NOT the light shiny plastic unit with push-button switches selling for much less.  Beware of the cheaper units straight out of Hong Kong.  It includes a 2GB Micro SD memory card.  Comes with all accessories including the charger and mini-USB cable in the original box.

Chose the mount you need from the microphone selection page, or buy it stand alone.  The video uploads to your PC easily, similar to using any digital camera.  See the Sample Video page for examples of contacts captured with this exact unit.  These are in stock now and available at our storefront shipping USPS from California.